Dopiaz tool helps you find products, optimal product information that helps the amazon dropshiper.

The products after being found, will be optimized titles, bullet points, descriptions, images, ... Then product information will be filled in the templates from amazon that you provide.

Information on fill products in accordance with most templates available on amazon.

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Implementation steps

Step 1

Go to Aliexpress and choose the products you want to sell on Amazon.

Step 2

Optimized information was found. Optimize titles, bullet points, descriptions, images, keywords, ...

Step 3

Export products to excel file based on the excel file format of amazon.

Step 4

Check and post your products to Amazon.


Our Services

Search support

Search products by categories, search keywords, stores, ....

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Optimize Information

Optimize titles, descriptions, bullet points, keywords,images,... of products based on available templates.

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Filter Keywords

Trademark filter, remove keywords that are prohibited in product information.

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Export Excel

Support filling product information into templates available on amazon.

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Find the best, most competitive products. Optimize necessary information and fill in excel file.

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